Wednesday, May 27, 2015

GCode | for the GoPro Hero Seat Post Mount

Hello everyone,

In the interest of sharing my GCode for each print I run on the SeeMeCNC Orion Delta printer, I will include the entire GCode in a separate post from the original work log.

Below is what Slic3r generated for my printer based on the following perimeters:

Print/Slicing settings:
Filament: 1.75mm PLA (Natural color)
Filament Needed: 11453mm
Quality: 0.1mm
Print Speed: 15mm/s
Outer Perimeter Speed: 28mm/s
Infill Speed: 20mm/s
Infill: 80%
Shell Thickness: 0.8mm
Temperatures: (Hotend) 180C, (Bed) 65C


(Unfortunately I couldn't paste the actual block of GCode here, as the block is over 90 thousand lines of text.  I have provided a DropBox link so you can download the GCode and observe the file yourself).

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