Saturday, June 13, 2015

Printing the "Nonlethal" Door Stop Multitool

For the last week we have had very windy conditions, and with the windows open, we had a few doors slam shut and generally disturbing the peace.  With that in mind, I found this Thing on Thingiverse and proceeded to print it rapidly.

Using the MatterControl Touch and printing at 30% infill, my SeeMeCNC Orion Delta proceeded to print.  Overall, there were no curling or lifting of any of the "teeth" of the Thing or even the "bumps" along the top of the multi-tool.

After a few test drives and trials, the door stop multitool work like a charm.  I am in the process of printing a few more for the kitchen, office and even the bedrooms.  If you are looking for another Thing to print, I highly recommend printing this.

Time Lapse YouTube video of the entire print:

Some pictures of the print, post cleaning and test uses:

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