Saturday, June 6, 2015

Work Log | Printing the Coin Cup Holder

Hello everyone,

This week I printed a Coin Cup Holder to help organize my change after the work week.

Using the MatterControl Touch, I downloaded the STL, and using the built-in slicing software, the MatterControl Touch quickly sent the GCode to my SeeMeCNC Orion Delta and off to the races the printer went.

Unfortunately I did not realize I had set the infill to 40% at the time, however after about six hours, I checked in and saw my printer was no where near finished.  Per the MatterControl Touch, the print still had another six hours to finish, and it was not far off.  At roughly 11 hours and 31 minutes, this Thing is the second longest item I have ever printed.

Clean up wasn't too excessive with this Thing, thanks to the very few "points" where the hotend has to go from one far point in the X-axis, to another point in the X-axis.  There was very little need for sanding or filing of the edges.  When it came to actually adding the coins to to each individual chamber (there are segregated chambers for US pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins), I was able to add them with no issues.  Each chamber can hold up to 50 coins (confirmed with pennies and nickels), so you can easily sort and count them before you roll the coins into a coin roll.

Overall I would highly recommend printing this for organizing your coins, and reduce the amount of clutter in your change jar.

Additional media:

Time Lapse video of the 3D print:


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